Learn the Epiphora method to help you take your next steps in healing and recovering

The Epiphora method. The missing link in the event of unexplained failure to recover.

Get out of survival mode and get more energy. After helping hundreds of people using the Epiphora method. I added extra breathwork to the Epiphora coaching program.

This will break your physical and mental blocks which sabotage your recovery.

Cynta van den Broek is one of the most experienced Epiphora Method coaches in the world and works closely with the thought leader of the Epiphora Method Hans Timmerman.


The Epiphora Method

In a healthy body the blood flow can be disturbed. This is big cause when people don’t recover. The exercises will help you to restore a proper blood flow and help your body out of survival mode. So your body can heal.


The results of my clients and myself using the Epiphora Method

My own results while recovering from a lingering concussion PCS

My results

  • Scharper vision
  • Less dizziness
  • No headache any more
  • Less pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back
  • I can handle sounds and light better
  • For the first time since the accident I felt grounded
  • My breath could reach my belly and not only my chest area
  • The brain fog became less and less
  • My ability to concentrate grew
  • The emotional processing of the loss off function of my body and quality of life started
  • More and more energy
  • Better mood


Results of some of my clients

Anouk Bergsma:

After seeing lots of specialists for my symptoms from PCS I met Cynta. I started the Epiphora Method coach program because I wasn’t recovering from the concussion.

This was exactly what I needed. I will take this with me for the rest of my life. It gave my body its recovery power back. Cynta felt safe from the start and knew exactly what I needed.


In this online individual Epiphora coaching program

  • 3 individual personal online coaching sessions via zoom
  • The exercises in your email
  • Theory what the exercises do in your body
  • The exercises will be adjusted to your body and phase of recovery
  • Additional breathwork that strengthens the results of the Epiphora exercises and makes dysfunctional breathing patterns less dysfunctional to prevent you from getting back in survival mode every day. This helps the recovery.


Sanne van der Linden:

Because I still had diverse symptoms from my concussion I started the coach program. After two weeks I noticed my symptoms subsided for 50%

Cynta gave me the support I needed during the coaching sessions. She is a person who has good energy.


Pien Esmijer


After I followed the Epiphora coach program with Cynta my concussion symptoms reduced a lot. It feels like my recovery process is speeding up.

I can do more of the things in my life I love to do. I am happy with the personal approach that Cynta brings. I felt very at ease.